If you have been analysing, monitoring and using crop and field performance with or without the use of technology then in some way and form you are doing precision agriculture.
Precision Ag is at best a very vague term from GPS, RTK, Auto Steer, Section Control, Variable Rate Control in spraying and even yield monitoring during harvesting, all form part of precision farming and help improve efficiency and productivity.
At Farmco we understand the pressures on farmers to produce more for less, and through partnering with TopCon we have first-hand experience how through the use of precision technology we can help farmers improve efficiency and reduce costs yet improving productivity.
We have successfully completed installations in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.
TopCon are global leaders driven to help farmers meet modern day pressures with innovative solutions that help us work smarter and faster to create sustainable agriculture. With one simple mission – UNDERSTAND AND HELP GROW AGRICULTURE BUSINESSES, which in turn will grow ours a model that we at Farmco have embraced and followed.
Topcon is dedicated to finding new ways to enable breakthroughs in productivity through creating and embracing disruptive technologies in order to keep businesses on a steady path to future growth.


Why Choose Us?

Quality Assured

All products must pass Topcon's rigorous testing before they're launched. We field-, dust- and storm-proof every unit.

Easy to Use

We understand you want to be up and running fast. That's why each Topcon product is designed for use right out of the box.


We know you have no time for downtime. Topcon tools keep going and going even in the most challenging of settings.

Works With Your Stuff

Topcon tools work with any machinery - you're not locked in to any vendor, even for positioning tools.


Topcon products are configurable and based on open source platforms so you can tailor them to your exact needs.


Topcon Autoguidance or Autosteering solutions provide an easy-to-use interface for complete control, best-in-class performance.